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A Guide To Sharpen An Industrial Saw

With extensive use every other product gets wear and tear thus it becomes very necessary either to repair them or replace them altogether. Working with low quality equipments can also cause various accidents at the construction site. If you are related to construction industry then it is very imperative to go through proper guidelines for saw blade sharpening.

How to sharpen a blade

Blade removal – It is very easy to take out the circular saw blades as they are placed inside of a spindle locking system. Most of the machines nowadays provide in-build wrench which will help you to remove the blades with ease.

Securing the blade – Once you take out the blade it is required to place them in a secure manner, make sure that the blade is facing towards the ceiling and the teeth of the saw are facing towards you. It is advised to tighten the vice so that it can hold the blade in an effective manner.

Sharpening the bevel – It is advised to mark one end of the blade before the commencement of the project; you are required to sharpen the bevel of the blade with the help of diamond file. You have to stroke the bevel four times while holding the diamond file at twenty degree in your hand.

Filing the tooth – You are required to file the tooth of the blade by moving the file throughout the length of the tooth. It is advised to remove the blade with care from the vice as it has become very sharp. Attach it back on the saw and run a test to ensure.