Month: May 2020

History Of American Necklaces

Necklaces have always been a status symbol and are handed over to the next generation as a souvenir. These necklaces are antique and very expensive and therefore it instills a sense of pride among those who possess it. Native America Necklaces are known all over the world for their distinctive design from thousands of years.” said native american jewelry designer from Thomas E Pickenpaugh.

What’s Unique?

Some will be fairly surprised to know that American jewelry’s origin dates back to 10,000 BC with the Paleo-Indians inhibiting the places and using various things to carve out fine jewelry. In this art of jewelry making, they used porcupine quills, feathers, antlers and even bones. Further, those who lived in North America would be in search of natural materials to create different forms of adornments. It is just amazing how they could create a fine piece of wearable with coral, animal bones, shells and stones.

However, later in the time, the construction of the jewelry started becoming more complex with people using copper, carved wood, animal claws, pearls, semi-precious stones, turquoise copper and so on.

From being a form of art to becoming a social status for people, this jewelry came a long way and became one of the most cherished assets for the rich. The traditional methods of making jewelry have been passed onto the generations and in these modern times, the technology plays a greater role.

America has a long and rich history of arts and jewelry and the modern generation has incorporated it well with the technology making it more affordable.