Month: August 2021

How To Overcome The Problem Of Genital Warts

HPV is basically known as Human papilloma virus that is basically a group of more than 150 viruses that can cause skin infection. There are some types of HPV which can also cause warts on feet as well as on hands, while some of the HPV can cause genital warts.

If you talk about genital warts then it mainly happens because of the skin contact while having sex. It can also be caused by mouth while having oral sex however transmission of warts through mouth is very rare but still there is a possibility.

Treatment of genital wart

There are many different kinds of treatments available for HPV wart removal and there is no one particular treatment that is considered ideal for people, because every situation is different and medical professionals treat them as per the situation.

In order to treat external genital wart, Podophyllotoxin solution is the best treatment available. It is a self applied treatment and suitable for the men only because it is hard for women to apply the solution on their own. On the other hand for men it is very easy to use and if they follow the proper instructions then they will overcome from the problem of genital wart very easily.

In Smithtown cryotherapy is also one of the best genital wart treatments available. This treatment is performed by the trained medical practitioner from Integrative Family Wellness center. In this treatment they make use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the genital warts.