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History Of American Necklaces

Necklaces have always been a status symbol and are handed over to the next generation as a souvenir. These necklaces are antique and very expensive and therefore it instills a sense of pride among those who possess it. Native America Necklaces are known all over the world for their distinctive design from thousands of years.” said native american jewelry designer from Thomas E Pickenpaugh.

What’s Unique?

Some will be fairly surprised to know that American jewelry’s origin dates back to 10,000 BC with the Paleo-Indians inhibiting the places and using various things to carve out fine jewelry. In this art of jewelry making, they used porcupine quills, feathers, antlers and even bones. Further, those who lived in North America would be in search of natural materials to create different forms of adornments. It is just amazing how they could create a fine piece of wearable with coral, animal bones, shells and stones.

However, later in the time, the construction of the jewelry started becoming more complex with people using copper, carved wood, animal claws, pearls, semi-precious stones, turquoise copper and so on.

From being a form of art to becoming a social status for people, this jewelry came a long way and became one of the most cherished assets for the rich. The traditional methods of making jewelry have been passed onto the generations and in these modern times, the technology plays a greater role.

America has a long and rich history of arts and jewelry and the modern generation has incorporated it well with the technology making it more affordable.

The Message You Tell The World Through The Type Of Kippah You Choose

The kippah doesn’t have a biblical meaning, but this doesn’t mean that it says nothing about you. Throughout the time, the kippah became a way to tell the world that you are a believer that you are faithful and you know that somewhere above use, a greater force is watching over us.

However, people are judging and we have to be aware that they can consider your kippah a way of saying that you belong to some kind of group or family of Jews. This isn’t traditional, it isn’t normal, but people often think like this and this is the reason why certain people rarely change the type of kippahs they wear.

The satin kippahs are a good way to go

If you are that type of person with many kippahs, made of different materials and you change them every day of the week so it will go with your clothes, people will not notice if you have a new satin one, or a velvet traditional one. However, if you wear just one type for many years and then you decide to change it, and go an entirely new style, they might think that something changed with your belief. Therefore, when you choose the kippah you are going to wear most of the time, choose something elegant, comfortable and easy to wear and clean, because you don’t want to give the wrong impression. The satin ones are a great choice in this situation and you should definitely take them into consideration.

Haute Couture Abaya – An Exclusive Piece for an Exclusive Lady

Haute couture, the term is originally French word, meaning high or elegant sewing. It is a design that is manufactured as per single client’s need and requirements. In other words it may be called as custom made designs.

Abaya in Haute Couture means a high fashion gown or may be a caftan. It is a form of religious Islamic clothing worn by Muslim women. It is found mostly in Muslim countries. They are made for higher classes and are exclusively designer wear.

What is a couture abaya?

A form of Islamic clothing, an abaya is a dress to cover a woman’s body completely. It is not complete without a hijab that covers their heads. This dress is worn so that women do not attract male attention in the wrong manner.

Let us try and understand the term better:

  • It is not mass produced.
  • The market for couture abaya is very limited.
  • It takes about 100 – 400 hours to create one piece.
  • They are very expensive to buy
  • It is bought from a designer directly or from a specialty boutique.
  • A hijab is also designed to match with the abaya
  • These abayas can be seen in real life only through an appointment
  • Fashion show is the only curtain raiser for their designs
  • Fashion magazines and blogs are the places where a common person can view them.

A couture abaya does not fit into everybody’s pocket. You have to be a person with craze for fashion and very high disposable income.