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How Loft Conversion Can Provide More Space

Loft conversions have become a big thing for most of the homeowners in West London, there is no doubt that the potential use of the space is what has increased its popularity. If you don’t want to opt for the option of an add-on space to your house that would make you encroach the garden area, then loft conversion is the best option to choose.

Do you need an extra playroom, extra bedroom, home office, home gym, creative studio, or any other such space for your house? If your answer is yes, then all you have to do is find loft conversion specialists based in West London and hire the one that can offer you the best services as per your requirements and budget.

By doing some research on the internet, you can find out the ways that will help you build a loft without investing a huge amount of money. The professionals that offer loft conversion can also make it easy for you to understand that which loft conversion will be the best for you.

Helps you save money

As you need to have a huge investment to build a large house, thus a better idea will be to make the right changes in your existing house as per your requirement of space. So, rather than investing in buying a new house, you should rather invest in a loft conversion.


You can assess all the spaces of your house and see which space can be converted as per your specific requirements.

Do You Really Need The EPC? Why Is It Important?

If you are thinking that you need EPC for your house or not, then the answer is that you actually need it as it is compulsory. The main idea behind this Energy Performance Certificate is to measure your carbon footprint on the planet. Almost all the property owners in Newcastle have this certification. The collected data is put in a software for the purpose of calculating the carbon output of a property.

There are recommendations that are included in the certificate and the financial savings that can otherwise increase the insulation of your property. As without this certification, you cannot sell your property, this is the reason why it is necessary to get it after getting your property is assessed by a professional.

As homeowners, we all look forward to save money, but we failed to do that. By saving energy, it is actually possible to save a good amount of money as well.  The energy assessor looks at all the aspects that are related to the use of the electricity. There are many professionals that do EPC surveys in Newcastle, this will ensure that you get the certificate without any hassles.

Getting the certificate is easy

  • There is no pass or fail in the survey, depending on the devices and the way in which you use electricity, you will get a grade as per that.
  • The assessor will report as per the visual evidence that he/she finds in your property.

Detecting The Strength Of The Building

It is very important to know the strength of various structures of the building. The most important of all is to know about the strength of the pillars of the building on which the whole structure is build. These pillars bear the entire load of the roof on them. In order to know the strength of the pillars cover meter survey is done. In this survey, the depth of the concrete is being measured without breaking the structure with the help of electromagnetic waves.

testing building strength

How does it work?

In this survey, the reinforcement of the concrete is measured by passing of the electromagnetic ways through the concrete. The status of the steel bar, its depth, the thickness of the bar is calculated with the effect which it has on the electromagnetic waves.

Why to conduct the survey?

This survey is conducted to determine the strength of the existing structure of the building. This also helps to know whether the steel bars which are intact are weakened by the seepage of carbonated water in the pillars and the column. This survey helps the contractor in restructuring of the building and for extension work of the building. This helps him to calculate the exact amount of material to be procured depending upon the life of the building required by the owners of the building. This is the best technique to know the strength of the building without any damage done to the building. This building test is also significant for taking the sample of the concrete to determine the strength of the concrete.